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Carry Trade Strategy in Forex

A currency carry trade is a technique that entails borrowing from a currency with a low-interest rate to fund the purchase of a currency with a rate. A trader utilizing this method tries to profit on the difference in rates, which can be significant based on the leverage used. It is one of the most often used forex trading strategies. Putting on a carry trade is as simple as purchasing a high-yielding currency and funding it with a low-yielding currency, as in the proverb “buy low, sell high.” Finding out which currency boasts a better yield as well as which currency provides a low yield is the first stage in putting together a carry trade.

The potential to earn interest is one of the most important aspects of the carry trading strategy. Long carry trades earn money every day, with a triple rollover on Wednesday to account for Saturday and Sunday rolls. With these rates in mind, it is possible to chop and change the currencies with the highest and lowest yields. Interest rates might change at any time; therefore, forex traders should keep up to date by monitoring their respective central banks’ websites.

Carry trades operate when central banks are raising or planning to raise interest rates. Money can now be moved from one country to another with the click of a mouse, and major investors aren’t afraid to shift their money around in quest of not just a higher but also a higher yield. The carry trade is appealing not just because of the income, but also because of the capital appreciation. When a central bank raises interest rates, the entire world takes note, and many others flock to the same carry trade, pushing the currency pair’s value higher in the process. The goal is to aim to enter the rate tightening cycle at the beginning rather than the end.

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