Trading with Trust: What does it Take to Provide the Best Trading Experience?

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Source: The European Financial Review

Regulated by CySEC, Trust Capital is committed to providing the most trusted and secure trading platform for their clients. Among the innovative features that characterise the company is its educative approach to its client base, which includes providing them with trading seminars, personal mentoring and webinars. In this interview with their Executive Director Ms. Farah Hawilo, she tells us more about this unique feature, and describes the ethos that drives the company.

Ms. Hawilo, thank you for sharing your valuable time by doing this interview with us. To start with, can you give us a glimpse of what a regular workday for you looks like?

Unlike the sleepless market that governs our business, I try my best to get my rest before waking up at 6 a.m. to put in a quick 30-minute workout. My dose (or two!) of espresso is a must before I head to the office. My driving route happens to come with a sea view, and this makes the ride to work even more enjoyable.

Once in the office, the first half of my day is comprised of quick follow-up meetings with the team, debriefings with shareholders, and getting up to speed with unanswered emails.

The second half of my day is all about overseeing the day-to-day operations, along with setting strategies to take us to where we want to be in the foreseeable future. It’s all about setting short-, medium- and long-term milestones to achieve. Our lunch break is at 4 p.m. and usually takes place in the office, followed by one-on-one and group meetings with my team members.

As a relatively new company in the trading industry in Europe, established in 2018, what do you think are the unique features and advantages offered by Trust Capital that set it apart from its competitors?
We put the client first and provide top-notch 24/5 service.

We value our clients’ assets and take it upon ourselves to make sure we educate our client base as much as possible. As rewarding as the industry can be, risk and reward are forever correlated. So we try to hold our clients’ hands and show them how these risks can be minimised by providing educational seminars and webinars on the best trading practices. Moreover, we provide each client with constant live updates on their trading account status in order to assist them in making optimal trading decisions.

We offer a more personalised family-office-style experience by dedicating a staff member to each client, but going about it with the highest global standards. Whether it’s responding to in-depth queries or simply assisting first-timers, our team is ready to help.

Our business is strongly regulated by CySEC, so that our clients’ funds are segregated from the company’s funds. Moreover, our clients’ accounts are insured with negative-balance protection, basically implying that they can never lose more than they initially invest. Trade responsibly!

We have a knowledgeable team, one that is always learning how to serve clients better. Given the client-oriented nature of our business, we ensure that every Trust Capital member has years of experience under her or his belt, and we are expanding our skillsets constantly.

With the fast-changing technologies and innovations in the financial industry, what are your strategies for achieving greater success for the group in the forex market in Europe and globally?

As we are a company dealing with vast volumes of customer investments, we prioritise our services with the utmost safety and security, while ensuring that our customer portals are designed with firewalls and adhere to every safety regulation.

With the assistance of our analysts and experts, we’re always striving to innovate and advance our trading environment.

Similarly, would you share with us your current challenges and observations on the latest trends and developments in the trading industry? The forex industry is becoming more demanding and challenging with all the new regulations. Nevertheless, we use this to our advantage and it motivates us to break boundaries, while committing to our regulatory requirements. This helps Trust Capital to stand a mile ahead in the industry, due to our strong regulation and customer security.

The age-old maxim says, “The customer is king.” What is your focus when it comes to ensuring the satisfaction of your clients? How do you deal with their changing demands and behaviours?
One of the key focuses of Trust Capital is offering the highest level of customer satisfaction. We ensure complete transparency with the client at each stage, and clearly explain every aspect of trading with Trust Capital. We provide education to all clients with no cost, whether they’re beginners to the world of forex, or advanced.

One of the unique approaches of Trust Capital is the use of trading seminars, personal mentoring and webinars to attract and retain clients. Could you tell us more about these initiatives?
Like in any other realm, in trading too, it’s important to get your basics right. To start trading, you need to have at least a surface-level knowledge of forex and some essential trading terms. We believe that people should be educated and made comfortable with the technical aspects before they start trading. Otherwise, it’s going to be just like playing football without a warm-up. It’s important to understand the rules of a game you are interested in learning. That’s why we developed our training programs to be highly customised to satisfy all levels of traders and help them understand every corner of trading. We host live seminars and offer live webinars (on demand).

Trust Capital recently launched the latest Affiliate Marketing Program. Could you tell us how it works and the benefits and values it offers?
Trust Capital’s recently introduced Affiliate Marketing Program allows clients to partner with us in our marketing campaigns. An affiliate can drive traffic from their website to Trust Capital and receive competitive compensation rates.

The steps to register as an affiliate are simple. Just fill in and complete a questionnaire, and once it’s approved by the team, we begin the partnership.

With your commitment to providing the best trading experience for your customers, what are the short- and long-term plans for Trust Capital and what else can your clients expect from you in the coming years?
The short-term plan is to make sure that all our clients are satisfied and engaged with our services and our commitment to delivering a smooth trading environment. The long-term strategy is to listen to our clients and create plans that will be more attractive and personalised. We are always aware of the gradual shift towards technology solutions and AI, and the positive implications it will bring to the industry in terms of facilitation. We also acknowledge the risks that come with it; therefore, we’ll add more focus on enabling each trader to “grow gradually with TRUST”.

Being a successful female leader, how do you achieve a work-life balance? What are your tips for women leaders in achieving the life they desire?
Being organised and setting priorities are the important ingredients of achieving a vibrant work-life balance. Time management is another important aspect in order to cover all the checkpoints within deadlines. We don’t find time, we make time; this is what I follow when it comes to effective time management.

On a lighter note, we are interested to know what the top things or activities are that a high-caliber business leader like you does to recharge during their day off from work?
I don’t believe in a “perfect” work-life balance, as I commit to work and don’t stop till the task at hand is done. However, time management and prioritising – that’s the key. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and it’s all about micro-managing your activities. I organise the schedule of my day the night before, and make sure I commit to the timings. My alone time is sacred, and I make sure to disconnect for a while, outside the work environment, as it empowers and recharges me for work every day. Exercising, yoga classes and a nice-quality dinner add more flavour to my life and fill me with positive vibe.

Lastly, can you share with us the most significant core value of Trust Capital that you and your colleagues live by?
The core value of Trust Capital is to work as a full-fledged team and achieve our ultimate goal: customer satisfaction. Working as a team brings us together and helps us grow stronger. Loyalty, honesty and friendliness are some of the keywords that we want our team to feel strongly about within the company.

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