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Get personalized and focused training sessions with professionals for an in-depth look into the practical side of trading.

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Going a step from theoretical courses, our personalized training courses on trading are designed to deliver operational and logistical knowledge of trading to participants with all levels of aptitude, especially beginners. Through practical demonstrations, personalized trading sessions and demo accounts, traders gain a hands-on trading experience. Moreover, as our content is tailored to focus on individual needs, attendees only need to invest time in sessions beneficial for them.

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Every week at 7:00 PM
Wednesday(s) ,

Personal Session Schedule

Get your one-on-one time with experienced forex mentors where your personalized trading session's progress is augmented by free interactions and personal feedbacks. Also, the content and pace of the sessions are sense-checked against expectations and requirements of specific participants for demonstrable results.

Seminars scheduled by speakers
Every week at 7:00 PM
12 Dec Monday Arabic– Firas Monzer
13 Dec Tuesday Arabic– Firas Monzer
14 Dec Wednesday Arabic– Firas Monzer
15 Dec Thursday Arabic– Firas Monzer
16 Dec Friday Arabic– Firas Monzer

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Meet the Session Speakers

Firas Monzer
Regional Relationship Manager, Trust Capital TC

Owing to his decade long career in the financial sector, Firas Monzer has substantial experience in the inner workings of trading and CFDs in forex markets. Apart from being well-informed in the field of resource allocation, investment strategy, and risk management, Monzer also has a keen interest in introducing novices to the craft of trading.